New website

Most of you who are regular visitors to my website and blog will have noticed the redevelopment of the site. This has been overdue for a while now, but at last, I have got around to making the change. There will be other parts added to the site when time allows but for now there are some distinct advantages to the new design. It’s visually much cleaner with less distraction, and images can now be viewed at a larger size. Feel free to have a browse and let me know if you spot any mistakes. Other groups will be added to the gallery section when time permits. Any queries or comments, please use the contact details. The content on this site represents only a small example of my library. For specific queries, please contact me in the usual way.

I would like to thank those highly talented people at Amazing Internet who have for some years managed other aspects of my website. I think they have done a fantastic job. Those of you that are considering changing, or upgrading your website should check these guys out. They are extremely professional, highly experienced in website design, including hosting and maintenance to ensure your site runs smoothly and virus free; an important consideration when choosing a company. See the link to their website below.


Blackthorn flowers Prunus spinosa

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