Welcome to the new website

Welcome to a new more comprehensive website. First of all my grateful thanks to Alex and Stephen at Zenith Design Studio’s for their forbearance and the many lengthy emails and phone calls they had to endure during the development of this site. Considerable reconstruction in the overall appearance has taken place and a number of  services are now available on line. The introduction of the print gallery is an important part of the new site, which allows new and regular clients to purchase some of the unlimited edition collections directly on-line. The images are embed into the frame to give the viewer an overview of what the finished piece is likely to look like. However, regular clients can still contact us directly for specific requests. A number of images in the photo library archive are available as an unlimited photographic prints. Please contact us for information on what’s available.

Over the coming weeks we hope to add several other collections especially those that have proved popular with a number of our regular clients. For the time being, the limited edition prints will not be available on-line. Information on these will be posted on the site in coming weeks.

I have had many enquiries about the sale of aerial landscapes from the highly successful exhibition and publication entitled, Natural History of Ulster. We plan to release some of these as limited edition large format prints in the not too distant future.

Another important addition to the site is the inclusion of a fully searchable dabase of stock images. Over the coming moths, many more images are going to be added to the database allowing new, as well as regular clients, direct access to a wide range of images and topics. However, in the meantime while we add additional images and other services to the site, if you can’t find what you are looking for, email us with your requests as usual, or we can provide a lightbox based on your request if you prefer.  We will be happy to provide hi-res images in whatever format that best suits your needs.

Many of the commercial services we offer are now posted on line. The services tab provides access to these including lectures and workshops. Robert’s  lecture season runs from September until the end of March each year. He has a limit on the number of lectures during the season. If you want to book Robert please contact us for available dates.

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