Moth diary August 2012

It’s been a late season this year with many species appearing later than normal. August sees the emergence of some of the thorn moths. All the species in this family are colourful and photogenic. When at rest, they sit with their wings raised above their backs, sometimes slightly apart, not unlike many species of butterfly.

Early Thorn Selenia dentaria

One of the most commonly encountered species is the Early Thorn Selenia dentaria. There are two generations a year. Adults seen in the spring are larger and more richly marked than the second generation, which emerge from mid-July onwards and are paler in colour.

This is a very photogenic moth, which is found in a wide variety of habitats, particularly woodland, heathland, bogs and suburban gardens. They generally rest by day among the leaves on branches or on the ground among the leaf litter where they blend beautifully with their surroundings.

This species offers the photographer some great opportunities; the rich brown and red colouration allows the moth to blend naturally with its background.

Other species of Thorn Moths

Dusky Thorn Ennomos fuscantaria


Large Thorn Ennomos autumnaria

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