North Antrim Coastline

I need little persuasion when it comes to visiting the North Antrim coastline. It’s about 1 ½ drive from my home. I was finishing off a photographic contract on lichens in the area but the light was too harsh, making it challenging to get anything of real value. I decided to spend what remained of the day shooting coastal landscapes nearby. Although the light was strong and directional, there was little to no cloud cover making for a very bland sky. Being north facing, much of the coastline in winter here receives very little sun making it more challenging photographically. However, White Park Bay and Ballintoy receive some nice afternoon light and it’s always worth going down to explore the rocky areas close to the tiny fishing village of Portbradden, which lies on the western end of the bay.

Sheep Island, North Antrim coast.

Sheep Island from Ballintoy, North Antrim coast.

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