The Aerial Landscapes of Ireland

A few years ago I co-authored an extensive publication on Ulster’s Natural History with John Faulkner. We decided from the start that we want to show Ulster unique landscapes in a way that had not been done on any major scale before. From a photographic perspective, I wanted to shoot aerial obliques and using a helicopter but not from a plane. The aerial part  of the book project took me around two years to complete with many cancellations. Ulster’s temperate climate and the unpredictably of the weather meant we had many long sits on the helipad during that time. I designed the book which ran to 600 pages and over 600 photographs.  I shot the vast majority of the photographs over a five year period, which required a lot of planning, especially for some of the more challenging subjects. The publication was highly successful and sold out in 14 weeks. I have been asked many times about a reprint but this is not likely to happen in the very near future.

I have now finally got round to posting a small sample of some of the aerial images commissioned for the book. Since then I have been commissioned to shoot many other aerial landscapes all over Ireland. I hope you enjoy looking at my own personal collection! For information on other aerial images please feel free to contact me, I will happy to help if possible.

You can view the images by going to the gallery section of this website.

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