Updates to the photo library

Things have been pretty busy for me over the last couple of months, but I have, in-between other work, managed to prepare and upload a large batch of processed images, mainly from my my workshop in France. There are also a small number of other images from Ireland. I’m still working through a backlog of  images, which I plan over the winter months to wade my way through.

I head off in a couple of weeks to Plitvice (Land of the Falling Lakes) in Croatia for the autumn colour. I am also bringing with me the Nikon D810, which I have recently acquired. I have had only a brief chance to shoot with it over the last couple of weeks and will post some images from it in the very near future. I have had a few issues with the color reproduction, but a little modification to the Hue settings has corrected the magenta cast on my test images. The camera performs quite differently to the D800. The images are extremely sharp!

Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria

A short trip to a nearby wood for an hour or so  produced this image of the Fly Agaric 
Nikon D810, 200mm macro lens, fill-flash, ISO 100, tripod


Sweet Chestnut Castanea sativa

Nikon D810, 200mm macro lens, fill-flash, ISO 100, tripod

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