New Macro Book Close-up and Macro Photography

Just a brief note to inform you that my latest macro photography book is now available in the UK in paperback (see also the Amazon link below). The 320-page book contains 120,000 words and almost 300 images covering a wide range of subjects including some that have rarely been covered in any macro publication before.


Contents Pages

Part one deals with the fundamental’s of digital photography, including, camera selection, tripods, camera support devices, exposure, understanding ISO, histograms, lenses and working with flash to name but a few. Other topics explained include extended
depth of field and custom-designed equipment to make some of the more challenging tasks less arduous in the field. Having a long-term goal or aim is an important factor; it gives you focus and direction. Without it people’s enthusiasm often wains. I discuss ways of keeping your motivation focused under ‘ Having a Photographic Roadmap.’


Part One

Working with Flash

Part Two concentrates on fieldcraft and methodology, building on what you have learned and applying those skills to everyday situations in the field. Specific techniques are discussed and illustrated with examples. Wide-angle macro, the outdoor field studio, photographing subjects beyond life-size and macro on the move are some of the topics covered in this section. We will also look at the various accessories for macro including my field equipment.

Part Two

Part Three forms the core of the book with eleven in-depth portfolio case studies on most of the major groups, which are popular among the macro fraternity. Some of the core case studies include dragonflies, butterflies and moths, but other lesser photographed subjects, for example, caterpillars, fungi, seashore and rockpool photography are also discussed in detail. Relevant information on the biology and ecology of subjects is also explained in length; much of this information is often overlooked in other publications. At the end of each case study is a resources section, offering professional tips and a reference bibliography of relevant publications from around the world on the topic. , There is also an online list of informative websites which provide additional information for further study.

Part Three Portfolio Case Studies

Part Four I have given a brief, but simplified overview of my workflow process and some thoughts on various ways you can present your work. I have also discussed the long-term preservation of your most valuable images and the various resources available to highlight your work to others. E-book and self-publishing are also discussed. There is also a resource page at the back which includes a general bibliography of photography publications relevant to macro and an online list of accomplished photographers who are successful practitioners in this field. Their websites are also included, and I suggest you check them out. Other information on macro equipment suppliers, software, forums and organisations are also given.

Image Workflow


The book is available from Amazon UK, Routledge (Focal Press), and many other outlets and online bookstores.


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