Novoflex Castel-Micro

Recently I have been testing and reviewing the Castel-Micro; a motorized focusing rail developed by Novoflex. There are many advantages to using a motorized rail, especially when working at higher magnifications. It can deliver great accuracy in controlled focus advancement and continuity in focus overlap producing images with fewer artefacts for the software to correct. Another advantage is you do not have to touch the camera assembly during the process therefore reducing the risk of movement during the stack sequence; this is especially important when working at higher magnifications. Photographing beyond 1:1 opens up a whole new world of subjects that would be much more challenging to photograph at higher magnifications if employing a manual approach.

To read the full review click here from this blog post, or from the Castel-Micro image gallery. I will, throughout the course to the coming months, be adding additional material to the gallery.

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